To Give Without Want: A Haiku Series

Christmas is many things to many people, with an origin story not many know. As I know it, Christmas is the time we celebrate the birth of Jesus (Yeshua) the man whom the Angel of the Lord manifested for the eventual purpose of shedding His innocent blood on the earth for the atonement of sins.Continue reading “To Give Without Want: A Haiku Series”

Christmas Miracles: The Collapse of the Soviet Union

On December 25, 1991, the red flag with a hammer and sickle flying over the Kremlin was lowered, never to be raised there again. Numerous Soviet states had already announced they were leaving the Union. Intolerance of any political dissent, the centralized economy, and constant conflict with the rest of the world had finally wornContinue reading “Christmas Miracles: The Collapse of the Soviet Union”

The Gift of Giving

What is it to give a gift?The power to shape soulsAn ancient art to elate and upliftA force to make us whole We give to others to receiveThe greatest gift of allTo know in our hearts and to believeThere is no greater call Through this act we do ascendAnd rise up to our greatest selvesWhenContinue reading “The Gift of Giving”