The Gift of Giving

What is it to give a gift?
The power to shape souls
An ancient art to elate and uplift
A force to make us whole
We give to others to receive
The greatest gift of all
To know in our hearts and to believe
There is no greater call
Through this act we do ascend
And rise up to our greatest selves
When unto others we do attend
Into riches Humanity delves
Not riches of gold or silver coin
Nor minted notes on paper or screen
But a fullness of heart as hands enjoin
And forge us bonds before unseen
To fill the hands of another being
We fill our own hearts up gently
All emptiness cast out and fleeing
As our homes grow full with love aplenty
The gift of giving is to receive
All the bounties of love and life
The greatest reward we can achieve
Making joy abundant and rife
With outstretched arms and an open heart
Through selfless work and charity
Our world is healed in no small part
As light shines out with honor and glory

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Published by Louis

I am a freelance writer from the United States.

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