To Give Without Want: A Haiku Series

Christmas is many things to many people, with an origin story not many know. As I know it, Christmas is the time we celebrate the birth of Jesus (Yeshua) the man whom the Angel of the Lord manifested for the eventual purpose of shedding His innocent blood on the earth for the atonement of sins. With the eternal innocent blood of the God-man, people from all over the earth have a viable sin offering to call upon into eternity. The act of the Son of Man having been born to die for others embodies the act of selfless gift-giving. In turn, we are called to emulate this act through our own selfless giving of gifts to others.

God calls upon us
To live our lives as He would
To be holy men
For what is life made?
What is the purpose of man?
If not to live well?
And how to live well?
What sets man apart from beast?
What makes a good life?
To give of oneself
Without wanting in return
This does make a man
For a man does give
He gives all he has to give
So others may have
As God gave His Son
To a people unworthy
So we may be saved
So too do we give
Without wanting in return
On this Christmas day

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