Warm Weather Motivations: A Haiku Series

It is springtime where I live, and that means the weather is getting warmer. Each day, I find myself feeling the heat of the sun on my skin. Something about the warmer months has always made me feel more eager to exercise. My blood just feels like it’s running hotter and I want to get out and do more. That motivation has not only led me to go outside and start training with a longsword, but also to write more poetry! To that end, I wrote this series of haiku about springtime, exercising, and the life-long journey of training.

training with a longsword
Louis Martinez training with a longsword
Time flows day by day
Seasons changing as years pass
Warmer months arrive

Soft winds stir gently
Spring heat teases summer fire
Hotter days ahead
Practicing a strike
Practicing a strike with a longsword
A flame fills my veins
Passion born of blood and sweat
Burning from within

Blood pumping harder
The sun demanding action
Heat pushing me through

training with a longsword
Still practicing the fundamentals
Sweat drips down my skin
Eager to reach new levels
Ever rushing forth

Waiting for that day
When wisdom dawns upon me
Always out of reach

training with a longsword
Practicing another strike
Grasping at nothing
An intangible insight
I seek without end

What is your favorite way to get some exercise? Do you enjoy the hot weather, or do you prefer the cold? What inspires you to do some writing? Feel free to share your thoughts!

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