Blessed Is the Man of War

It’s been a while since I’ve done any creative or scholarly writing. I hadn’t felt any inspiration or compelling motivation for the past few months to write anything outside of work. However, I attended some live music a week ago, and that seemed to be all I needed to get my ideas flowing again. This is an ABAB poem inspired by a specific verse from the book of Exodus chapter 13, verse 4: “The LORD is a man of war; JEHOVAH is His name.” As I wrote this, several other notable Scriptures naturally worked their way in.

The Lord is a man of war
And Jehovah is His name
Forever He will endure
Never is He mocked or shamed
Blessed is His great nation
We answer with faith and trust
Our Lord of all creation
He who made us from the dust
Though the devil plots and plans
Satan's schemes so unending
The righteous are God's firm hands
Never do we cease fighting
Though weary we may become
Always shall we find our rest
United we are as one
The Lord calls for nothing less
The devil gives rest to none
His people are run ragged
They spurn all the Lord has done
In their sin they fall rabid
Praise the Lion of Judah
He rules with an iron rod
Our commander, Jehovah
Praise to our Almighty God
Blessed be the Lord, my strength
Who teaches my hands for war
For Him, I go any length
Just to hear His mighty roar

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