The Sweetness of the Unseen

Being so busy recently has reminded me of how fond I am of simple days where not much happens. Those times when life is predictable are often more rewarding than days filled with excitement. After all, excitement brings with it uncertainty, and thus, fear. But certainty gives a sense of peace. The significance of that feeling is not lost on me.

This poem expresses my contemplation of the sweetness of simplicity and how those uneventful days can be the most rewarding. It trailed off into other associated thoughts of why this might be. That led to my realization of how I long for what I do not currently have. After all, I have craved the opposite before, and I wondered why that was. Thus, this poem turned out to be more of an exercise in free association than anything focused on a specific theme.

Great peril do some hearts consume
The rush of hazard and challenge
The relief of escaping doom
On the edge of danger's talons
But what a way is that to live?
To barely keep one's grip on life
Unsure of what each day will give
Each morn delivering new strife
The simple days I find the best
With peace aplenty to be found
The sweet touch of a good day's rest
The drums of doom silent and bound
Respite from our woeful story
All the sweeter is peace reclaimed
More than the taste of victory
Or are the two one in the same?
For what is peace if not reward?
Reward for battles fought and won
Is not peace what triumph affords?
The gift earned for a job well done
All I know is for what I long
And that oft does change day by day
For rest can again make us strong
Yet strength unused does fade away
Oh, how I long for simple days
When it seems they do elude me
What the heart misses, it does praise
So sweet is that we do not see

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I am a freelance writer from the United States.

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