The Happy Warrior: A Haiku Series

The story of Wojtek the Bear was such an inspiring and wholesome story that I felt it only fitting to add a poetry post on the topic. Seeing as Wojtek was a soldier, I felt it most fitting to write a haiku series. Since haiku was developed by the warrior samurai as a form of meditation before battle, I find it particularly suitable for writing about historical warriors.

Happy warrior
The soldier bear named Wojtek
Brave as any man
Raised among humans
Thinking he was a man too
Living among them
Fearsome and gentle
A fuzzy bundle of joy
Most true to his name
When duty called him
He answered it without fear
No hesitation
He served with the men
A miracle it may be
Fighting side-by-side
Stronger than a horse
As loyal as any dog
Sly as any cat
Wojtek was his name
The bear who fought as a man
Happy warrior

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