The Quenching Chill

A few weeks ago, I was terribly busy over the weekend and unable to post in time. The article I wrote was quite long and took a while to complete. I decided to make an extra pot this week to make up for that. So, here is a brief haiku series contemplating the changing of the seasons to the colder part of the year.

The cold weather brings with it some challenges which make life just a little less comfortable in some ways, but which are a blessing in others. It all depends on whether we choose to see the chilliness as an inconvenience with no benefit or as a burden that is harsh, yet rewarding. The cold weather to me is like the quenching of a blade during heat treatment, strengthening the steel with rapid cooling.

Some flee from the cold
Seeking to evade its touch
Fearful of its gifts
As warmth falls away
Longing makes the heart grow fond
The cold reminds us
A gift in disguise
Teaching us to huddle close
Embrace those we love
In the cold we stand
Together, and not alone
Lest we freeze away
To live for ourselves
We live not a life of worth
If not for others
The cold brings us close
Reminding us what matters
Never to forget
A stout heart does know
As iron sharpens iron
So too does the cold

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