Wrathful Rebels Find No Peace

I fell ill over the weekend and just finished recovering. I tried to still post something, but thinking and typing made me dizzy and cross-eyed. So, I had to wait until now to get back into things. As a result of me falling behind, I will be making two posts this week.

Firstly, I decided to write a brief poem while I finish up my post from last week. This is a soliloquy with 5757 syllables. It is a reflection on Psalm 140. The chapter recounts how wicked men and women devise schemes to go against God and His people, which eventually come back to haunt them. The wicked are a treacherous people who have no loyalty and become their own worst enemies. Due to their inability to stand united, they wicked are inevitably overcome by the righteous.

Evil lurks nearby
Scheming to stir up a war
Darkness in their hearts
Poison dripping from their lips
The righteous rise up
God calls them to fell His foes
Consumed with anger
Evildoers trip themselves
No matter their cries
Evil plans always fall through
The wicked betray
They rebel against the Lord
Allergic to truth
The wicked follow their lies
They walk into doom
Their backs turned against the Lord
Wolves all filled with hate
They rage against righteous men
But to no avail
Wrathful rebels find no peace
Wolves prey on the sheep
Yet the loyal dogs strike back
The wicked wolves flail
The Lord's men jump in the way
The Lord will prevail
His word is eternal truth
The wicked shall fall
Let justice be done on them

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