What Is Bravery? – A Haiku Series

Johnny Clem in battle
What is bravery?
Does bravery make a man?
Can boys be as brave?
Duty calls us all
Paying no heed to the hour
It calls when it must
It calls who it needs
Bravery cares not for age
Duty must be met
Johnny Clem
At the age of 9, Johnny Clem became one of the youngest veterans to serve in the U.S. Army in a combat role.
The young and old go
Into the fray of conflict
To save what remains
The drums of war sound
A nation in great distress
The time is at hand
A time for courage
For righteous souls to rise up
Wherever they are
Johnny Clem in battle
Despite being only a boy, Johnny Clem engaged adults with lethal force during the American Civil War.
What is bravery?
Does it make boys into men?
Some boys are braver

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