Strength Through Grace

This is an ABAB poem inspired by the book of 1 Peter, chapter 5. The chapter calls us to have humility and grace, as pride leads to destruction. Those who are prideful lead careless and self-defeating lives. Humbling ourselves allows us to see the threats assailed against us clearly and allows us to deal with those threats effectively. The chapter also calls us to remain sober, alert, and cautious. We are reminded that threats are always nearby, and any loss of focus could provide the opportunity needed for the enemy to strike a deadly blow against us. Thus, by keeping our minds clear, we put ourselves in a position to see plots and attacks coming against us.

In grace, we find peace
Our humility protects
Keeps us from folly
And keeps us straight on the path
Grace casts fear aside
Sober-minded, we can see
Watchful and alert
Guarded against all our foes
The Adversary
Always prowling near to us
Seeking to consume
Seeking souls to devour
We must resist him
Standing firm and always strong
Through hardship, we grow
Overcoming all we face
All across the world
Others face the same tempting
Yet all will be saved
Who stand in the Word of God

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Published by Louis

I am a freelance writer from the United States.

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