Battle at the End of the World

After learning about the Battle of Guningtou, I felt inspired by the story of the “Bear of Kinmen” and the harrowing tale of this triumph over great evil in such a dark hour. Given I was very busy this weekend, I felt it would be a good chance to write a poem in honor of the Bear of Kinmen and all the other KMT forces who gave their lives fighting against communism back in 1949. Without their sacrifice, the world would no doubt have become a even darker place than it is today. Yet, due in no small part to the bravery and victory of the Nationalist Chinese forces on that fateful day, a faint light still shines on Taiwan today, defiant against the specter of communism.

A nation turned against the Lord
Embracing of the greatest foe
Old evils raise a new Red horde
Wherever it goes, death does follow
Desperate souls driven from their homes
Out to the ends of the Earth
A world on fire changes all they know
And tests each man to see his worth
Now gone away to lands offshore
To find some semblance of respite
Darting in flight from Red fiends galore
An island still clinging to the Light
The enemy lurks ever near
Lashing out from darkened lands
Meager souls train, unbeaten by fear
Preparing themselves for the final hand
Yet retreat offers no way in relief
The Adversary relentless in his pursuit
Solace stolen in the night by a thief
Any respite had till then, now moot
But fortune favored the brave that night
Even had they seen the truth not then
As tanks broke down in the place just right
And a warship mulled about to no right end
Then the heroes tripped upon their own mines
Lighting up the night with what seems dismay
Yet revealing the enemy landing with the tide
A blessing disguised in mysterious ways
Once more, battle raged and unfurled
As if men know not what else to do
Here, at the end of the old world
And the beginning of something new
The Red horde would not win this day
Their arms soaked wet by the sea
By the sword of cleansing, all captured or slain
Overrun by men who feared no such Adversary
Darkness rises with the Red dawn
And the Light must be ready for a meet
A constant struggle of right against wrong
The Red specter's return as assured as its defeat
The Bears of Kinmen did stand fast
And spared the new world of total disdain
The darkness then faltered at long last
Giving hope we may be redeemed once again

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