The Quiet Speech of Calm

I was busier than usual this weekend, and found myself pondering the value of rest in the moments I enjoyed it. This poem was born out of those ponderings. Next month, I will start to experiment with some different forms of poetry to see if I can find some new forms I enjoy.

Calmness speaks to us
Quiet peace, almost frozen
Abound with stillness
A lesson if we listen
In peace, we find strength
Resolve to fight our battles
Might needed at length
To leave God's foes in shambles
Take rest while it lasts
For peace is always fleeting
Ever out of grasp
Precious moments left reeling
We must be ready
Ready to answer the call
With our steady hand
To ensure God's foes will fall
So now, take your rest
While you may still find solace
Rest makes us our best
Ready to face the lawless

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Published by Louis

I am a freelance writer and English tutor from the United States.

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