Triumphant Is He

Evils rise and demons scheme to lead to humans astray, time and time again throughout history. The path of darkness is seductive and leads to self-destruction, whereas the path of the righteous leads into the light where we find our true selves. The darkness of sin resides in all of us, and it is incumbent upon us to resist the temptation of the Adversary. Such choices make us who we are. And while evil may always lurk its way back into the halls of power, so too does good always return with the sword of God to strike down His foes.

Triumphant is He
Jesus Christ, our righteous Lord
He is and will be
The one to see us restored
Blessed be the Lord
His light shines for all to see
Blessed be His sword
Drawn against the enemy
Demons try to win
Their pagan gods demand blood
Reveling in sin
Wickedness comes like a flood
A battle rages
A battle to save the world
Shackles and cages
Await those whose hearts have failed
Warriors of light
Fell their swords on pagan necks
Fighting for what's right
Angels standing at their backs
Death cannot hold Him
He rises three days after
Just an interim
A chance for strength to gather
His life was given
The ground below is shattered
The seal now broken
His enemies left tattered
For He is risen
Our Lord and Commander
Satan left wanton
The enemy sent under
Warriors stand firm
Darkness gathers all around
Light shines ever stern
Demons fall down to the ground
Men of God hold fast
Pushing back unsightly hordes
God's full strength amassed
All will break against the Lord
His blood protects us
We wash ourselves free from sin
Light shines in darkness
We must be reborn to win
We do our duty
Remember His sacrifice
He makes us mighty
With Him, we find paradise

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Published by Louis

I am a freelance writer and English tutor from the United States.

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