The Enemy Within: A Haiku Series

The Book of Revelation has long been my favorite book of the Bible. I find the lessons contained within about living through dark times surrounded by agents of the adversary to be some of the greatest wisdom ever imparted upon Humanity. The stories about people who want to be good and do what is right but give into pressure to tolerate evil and degeneracy as the mainstream culture around them falls from grace are timeless and are seen repeating throughout history.

Evil always defends itself by becoming popular and ostracizing those who are good and righteous from society. When this happens, many agents of the enemy can become our neighbors, coworkers, leaders, friends, and family members. When this happens, we must identify those in step with the enemy and safeguard ourselves against their influence.

Only once the lines are clearly drawn between those who stand in the light and those who embrace the dark can the conflict be resolved and peace restored. For while the righteous mingle among the wicked, the wicked cannot be struck down. The righteous must first recognize their enemy and set themselves apart from it before the forces of evil may be vanquished.

They are all around
Agents of the enemy
Everywhere you go
Some are hard to see
Wearing familiar faces
Unexpected foes
Smiling faces all
They hide in cloaks of honey
Sweet words hide sharp tongues
Some are open fiends
Proud to be degenerate
They see wrong as right
Embracing darkness
They turn their backs on the light
They see right as wrong
Give not into fear
Lost are those who stand not firm
Their names blotted out
But those who stand firm
Who stand in the face of death
They shall see us through
To defeat the dark
We must separate ourselves
From those who are lost

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