Narrow Is the Way

This is an ABAB poem I wrote in rumination on the meaning of Matthew 7:13-14. The passage speaks of the importance of taking the more difficult road in life, for the easy path is the one many take, and it leads them to into ruin. It reminded me of how we must stress our bodies and our minds to keep our wits sharp and hands quick, for a dull blade cuts not when it is needed. So too, it must be said, a dull mind and a weak body fail in times of strife. As such, through hardship we gain strength, and through strength, we do gain victory.

Narrow is the way to set one free
Through fire and shadow it passes
Few make their way and fewer shall see
The path to soft green grasses
Enter we must, through the narrow gate
To find our road to love and life
For love is sly and eludes hearts most faint
And the circle of life is one full of strife
Enter we must, through the narrow gate
Lest we become of the horde in passing
For wide is the way to an untimely fate
And many are ensnared by its dazzling
Many will enter the path most wide
And cast themselves into the void
How easy it is to give way to one's pride
So easy is beauty destroyed
Slim we must be to pass through the gate
Discarding our false truths and idols
For narrow paths do so dictate
Passage shall not be made by vandals
Righteous we must be in all our ways
To walk the path most true
And live to the fullest of our days
Doing that which we ought to do
Our duty it is to do what is right
So our kin may learn as we do
To find their own path, narrow and tight
And muster the strength to pass through

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Published by Louis

I am a freelance writer from the United States.

3 thoughts on “Narrow Is the Way

    1. Thank you. That means a lot to me.

      I do my best with my writing, and it’s always heartwarming to hear my work is appreciated.

      I have much more planned to write and look forward to sharing it with everyone.


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