Through Feast and Famine, We Give Thanks

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday this year, and it has given me the opportunity to ruminate further on the spirit of Thanksgiving. This is a holiday rich with tradition and history, even though it may often be overlooked by many as a mere family gathering every November. This prompted me to produce another ABAB poem in honor of the story of the first Thanksgiving and the meaning carried with this very special occasion. I hope you enjoy!

From Famine to Feast, and Back Again
Setting forth into lands unknown
Promise and warning abound
The frontier beckons weary bones
Fortune and famine to be found
Eager to prove our worth and thrive
We take on the world and meet our match
The lands push back on our will to survive
Testing our mettle with each dispatch
Mayflower voyage
The voyage of the Mayflower across the Atlantic was as fraught as the struggles of the pilgrims to survive after making landfall.
Hunger scrapes at the mind
Frost bites at the soul
Nature can be unkind
Its beauty and cruelty one whole
Hostiles be both man and beast
All eager for the taste of flesh
To make our own their bloody feast
Our spirits they set to gnaw and thresh
Plymouth Rock Winter
Through cold, hunger, and all manners of danger, the pilgrims at Plymouth were tested and pushed to the brink of oblivion.
Yet hope is never lost
Nor is it ever far
Amid the pain and ceaseless frost
We must keep sense of who we are
Amid the swirl of chaos and strife
We look to our friends both new and old
We stand together and breathe new life
To rise up as one into an age of gold
Meetings between the pilgrims and natives
In times of great strife, people can often choose to either come together or tear apart. The spirit of Thanksgiving embodies the choice to come together.
Together we learn and grow
Facing the threats of the frontier
Sharing knowledge and wisdom alone untold
Bringing about new love and cheer
A Thanksgiving Day to celebrate each year
A harvest long coming to sink winter's chill
And a feast of friendship rather than fear
Brings people together for good and not ill
George Washington kneeling to God
The spirit of Thanksgiving would be carried on for centuries and remembered by great Americans like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, reminding us to give thanks for the blessings we have during times of both feast and famine.
Yet as we return to uncertain days
Time and time again as struggle reigns
We give thanks for the blessings our way
We give thanks even for our growing pains

I hope you all had a momentous Thanksgiving day last week, wherever you were and whomever you were with.

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