Fateful Flight of the Stars and Stripes

This weekend was the 244th anniversary of the first time the American Flag was flown in battle. On September 3, 1777 the red, white, and blue banner with thirteen stars and thirteen stripes was first flown during the Battle of Cooch’s Bride in Delaware. Under the command of General William Maxwell, Continental forces raised the flag for the first time in history as the rallying point of where to meet British and Hessian troops in battle. They were defeated, however, and forced to retreat to Pennsylvania. It has flown on many occasions and in many battles since then, by both Americans and many other peoples around the world.

The first American Flag
Betsy Ross presenting the first red, white, and blue American Flag to George Washington.
Flying in the wind
Rallying us to our goal
By our flag we stand
A strength that binds us
Stars and stripes. Red, white and blue
Together as one
Iwo Jima
U.S. Marines with the American Flag in Iwo Jima during WWII.
Against cold and rain
Against trials evermore
Nothing in our way
Guiding light and force
To never lead us astray
As long as we know
Apollo 12
Charles Conrad Jr. next to the American Flag on the moon during Apollo 12.
Know what we must know
To follow on the right path
And find our way home
To find liberty
To do not just as we please
To do as we ought
Free Hong Kong Protests
Pro-democracy protestors in Hong Kong waving American Flags during the communist takeover.
On the quest for peace
Darkness rising around us
We prepare to fight

It is inspiring to see the journey the American Flag has taken throughout its long history, and will no doubt be just as interesting to see where it goes from here. What is your favorite image of the American Flag? I think the most interesting instances of its flight are when people who are not American citizens choose to fly the flag as a symbol to try and inspire others.

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