An Eternal Duty

Last week’s Independence Day celebrations, today’s anti-communist protests in Cuba, and my own ponderings on the founding documents of the United States and writings from Thomas Jefferson got me thinking about the duties of defending freedom and liberty, as well as the careful difference between liberty and licentiousness which must be recognized, lest we become slaves to our baser emotions. This poem was written as a product of those ponderings, and I may expand upon it in the future. I hope you all enjoy!

What does it mean to be free?
To choose one's own path
Unbound by the chains of tyranny
Unshackled by a planner's wrath

To be free is not to do whatever one desires,
But to do what one ought to do
To be free is to do what the world requires
And be ready to give the Tree of Liberty its due

We ought to defend that which is good and righteous
And steer away from that which may lead us astray
Let us not fall prey to our tempting vices
Let us not the rights of others betray

That all souls be endowed as equals abound
Free to pursue life as they wish
Without hampering others around
So that all may have equal chance to flourish

Freedom affords us the privilege to fight for what is right
And against what is wrong
Yet danger lurks should we lose our sight
And stand where we do not belong

So learn we must
From whence freedom came
To know and to trust
We stand for what we claim

From the past, a path forward is charted
Tradition guides us on our journey
A brighter future to be started
For our children to stand firmly

I am not yet sure what to title this poem. The blog post title may be considered a working title. I still want to expand more upon what liberty is and what it is not, and the duty to eternally defend it from those who would seek to undermine or redefine it for their own nefarious gain. Please feel free to share your thoughts, and share with others!

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