Diamond In the Sky: A Haiku Series

A few years ago, I wrote poem about the life cycle of a star. I called it, “Diamond In the Sky.” I tried to find that poem to republish it here, but it was on my previous computer which I reformatted and gave away a while back. I did not create a copy, unfortunately. However, I remember the general idea and some of the original lines. This is my recreation of that lost piece of art. Please enjoy the rebirth of that poem. This is “Diamond In the Sky: A Haiku Series.”

Born of fiery dust
A cloud of heated fury
From here, stars are born
A nebula is sometimes called a “stellar nursery,” as it is an area where new starts are born
Giving life and warmth
Worlds thrive and bask in its light
Breathing in and out
A light in the dark
Standing bright against the void
A beacon of hope
Sun in between buildings
Our sun’s energy is one of the driving factors in the evolution of biological life on Earth.
A long life it lives
Remaining as we pass on
Watching each new heir
Eons pass it by
An eternal spring of life
Always giving more
Sun and Red Giant
A size comparison between Earth’s sun today versus its future size as a red giant.
Even in the end
When fusion fades and death nears
New life emerges
Plasma stripped away
And light blown into darkness
A diamond awakes
White Dwarf Star
A white dwarf star is a massive diamond so hot, it shines with a burning bright white light.

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