The Trials of Humanity: A Haiku Series

Earth seen from Apollo 17

As I was reflecting on how far Humanity has come and how much further we have yet to go, I pondered how corrupt empires and authoritarian regimes have risen up throughout history, time and time again. Every time, one way or another, they do seem to be self-defeating and lead their followers – who they control through fear and pain – to turn against them sooner or later. Humanity trends toward greater liberty as we learn and grow. Defenders of light are eventually forced from their homes, brought out into the fray while they just wish to be left alone. This haiku series reflects on that cycle of darkness rising and light to meet it with a few images of conflicts which have shaped Human History in significant ways over the past few centuries.

French Revolution
The French Revolution is widely considered to have marked the end of major monarchies and the idea of divine right to rule.
Born into bounty
A land full of life and lush
Never left wanting

Darkness defeated
Retreating into shadow
Light abound once more
Mushroom cloud over Nagasaki
The Second World War saw the first and only combat deployment of thermonuclear weapons to date, as well as the United Nations emerging as a successor to the League of Nations.
A sea of plenty
Generations of good times
The strong grow weaker

The shadow returns
In the absence of challenge
Giants fall corrupt
Korean refugee during the Cold War
The Cold War saw many battles that followed after WWII as new conflicts took shape and competing regimes wrestled around the ideas of socialism versus capitalism.
Guardians fall asleep
Evil finds its place once more
A new threat will rise

The sheep lose their hope
Where is the sheepdog to fight?
Who will protect them?
Quad Naval Formation
Naval vessels from the U.S. Japan, Australia, and India conducting a joint exercise as part of the Quadrilateral Security Dialogue in what is being referred to as the Second Cold War.
The cycle repeats
Darkness rises once again
And Light to meet it

The Great War, often referred to as WWI was thought to be the war to end all wars. Perhaps, one day humans will develop cyberwarfare capabilities so advanced that bloodshed will become obsolete as a means of upsetting corrupt power structures. I have doubts that war itself will ever become obsolete because war can take many forms. An information war – such as an election – can be used to unseat a corrupt official. A world without war would be a world where the status quo is maintained indefinitely, and that is not a world I would imagine anyone would want to live in. Still, we know not what the future will hold, and it will be interesting to see where Humanity goes regardless of the path it takes to get there.

What do you think of Humanity’s long and storied history with conflict? How do you think cyberwarfare will shape the coming conflicts? Also, what do you think conflict will look like far into the future?

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