Spring’s First Touches

Here is a poem I wrote about springtime. I am always inspired by spring and the transition from winter. I live in an area with four distinct seasons, and the winters are very cold. When spring comes back around every year, I feel my appreciation for the sun and its warmth renewed.

Spring's First Touches

Winter scares all life away
Snow clouds blocking the sky
Light fading quicker with each passing day
Everyone scurrying inside

Winter is long
It's end ever out of sight
The sun's warmth come and gone
A most perilous of nights

But winter is no eternal arrival
Here for a while, until it must go
A transient visitor on a cold reprisal
As fleeting as the melting snow

For spring always comes to usher in summer
As reliably as the sun rises each morn
It's soft first touches a gift like no other
Delivering us from winter's harsh scorn

After a long winter's night
After months with no sun
Spring pierces the sky with its light
Returning at last to see winter outdone

A step outside brings a sigh of relief
For the first time in so long
Like a feeling of disbelief
As soothing as a birdsong

The warmth of the sun's essence
So tender and caring
A calming presence
All one's woes upending

The cool breeze in the air
A gentle caress
Soft as a lover's care
Of one who knows best

The song of the birds
Chirping to rise each morn
A song with no words
Each day feeling reborn

Spring's return is like a gift
Made ever sweeter by winter's journey
A pleasant feeling set adrift
Filling us with glee aplenty

I dread winter each year
But love it every year too
For winter heralds in spring's cheer
All the sweeter to go through

That was Spring’s First Touches, by Louis Martinez. What did you think of this poem? Did you enjoy it? Could it be improved? Let me know! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Also, what do you think about springtime? Do you live in a place with a different climate and different types of seasons? If so, what is your perception of springtime?

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