Humanity’s Repetitious Tale

As any who follow my work know, I love both the ABAB rhyme scheme and haiku. ABAB poems consist of four-line stanzas with the first and third lines rhyming together and the second and fourth lines rhyming together. A haiku is a short poem of three verses consisting of 5, 7, and 5 syllables each. I thought that since I enjoy both poetry styles so much, I should combine them together.

The result is this you see here. My first “A5B7” poem, as one might call it. It is merely an ABAB poem which maintains a consistent pattern of 5 and 7 syllables throughout each stanza. The poem itself is a commentary on the rise of totalitarian ideologies, enabled by the blindness of uncritical followers, and ended by the inevitable resurgence of righteous wisdom.

Humanity’s Repetitious Tale
A world on the brink
All sides sharpening their spears
A ship bound to sink
Drums of war piercing our ears
Evil stands on high
Good men afraid to act right
Dark and prying eyes
Spreading endless night
Shadows run amok
People live their lives in fear
Feeling out of luck
Perverts whisper in youths' ears
Evil spreads abound
To every corner of Earth
Nowhere is good found
Good sits in wait for rebirth
Most live in between
Neither righteous nor wicked
Sheep who follow fiends
Not seeing who is kindred
Conflict spreads and grows
The wicked prey on the young
Turning friend to foe
All our traditions undone
Discord sinks in deep
Families spit apart by lies
Good men left to weep
Unrest spreads both far and wide
War will never cease
Beasts smell the blood of their prey
Weak men keep no peace
Demons take the day
It seems hope is lost
Shadow grows all around us
Blades are drawn and crossed
Dark powers vie for control
War sparks hints of light
Evil births its own demise
We return to God
Hope is lost but never dies
Life favors the wise
In the dark, their light grows strong
Guardians they rise
They remember right from wrong
The sheep then turn right
Standing behind the righteous
All will rise and fight
They will be victorious
Angels at their backs
Fire of God burns in their hearts
No shadow can hide
No evil escapes God's wrath
People remember
What they were put on Earth for
To stand together
And keep evil from our shores
Light triumphs once more
Fiends return to the abyss
God reigns as before
And the Earth earns time of peace

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