Pain and Regret: A Haiku Series

This is a haiku series I wrote during a reflection on feelings of loss and despair. I present it without further comment.

Left in grief and tears
Overwhelming agony
All hope being lost
Lonely path
Humans have a remarkable ability to overcome difficult and lonely paths.
Time has flown away
A haunting dread that follows
So much left undone
So many mistakes
Never to be rewritten
Dread I must embrace
Light in the darkness
There is always light in the darkest of moments, and hope in the deepest pits of despair.
The past is the past
To be better than before
My only real hope
Will I be worthy?
Can I learn from my mistakes?
Am I to be lost?
Dark path
Life at times takes us down dark paths which we must brave without stopping.
I lift my head up
Knowing not where I should go
Heavy with despair
Grief and tears recede
My sorrow clearing with time
May I be at peace

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I am a freelance writer and English tutor from the United States.

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